WellCrest Medical – The Best Family Doctors in Melbourne’s West

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WellCrest Medical – The Best Family Doctors in Melbourne’s West

Many people find it hard to locate a good family doctor as there are such a huge variety of medical centres and general practitioners offering their services. However, you should remember how important it is to have a good family doctor on your side.

Why is it important to have one good GP?

Rather than seeking the first available GP at the most convenient medical centre at the time, it’s very important to continue building a relationship with one general practitioner at a trustworthy family medical centre in your area. Many years ago, traditionally, the family doctor was almost a part of the family unit itself and there are many reasons why this was the case. Seeing one good GP rather than multiple GP’s can benefit your family in many ways:

– Every time you or your family member is sick, you have a familiar face to go to
– Your past medical history is recorded by the medical centre and the GP knows your medical history, so you don’t have to explain every time you’re sick. This way, you lower the risk of being misdiagnosed or prescribed something you may be allergic to.
– You can feel more comfortable discussing personal issues such as mental health, addictions or other personal medical concerns
– Your doctor is more likely to detect any concerning health issues If they know you and have a mental record of your medical history, which means you can be diagnosed and treated sooner
– You can feel at ease going to the doctors when you’re sick and stressed, knowing you will see someone that cares and will help your situation

Why WellCrest Medical?

WellCrest Medical Centre is a group of family doctors striving to achieve one thing – the health of you and your family. From the time it was opened, to the present day, the group of doctors have held a high standard for helping patients with thorough assessments and accurate diagnoses, but above all, they are well known for their friendly, kind nature, always seeking to bring any positive light to a negative situation.

It is important that your family doctor offers comprehensive care for all ages in order to feel comfortable bringing all members of your family in for treatment. WellCrest Medical Centre is focused on providing superior medical care to all members of the family by taking a holistic approach and understanding each individual circumstance. This is the most important factor in a good family doctor, and it is the foundation of creating a trusted relationship between the doctor and patient.

During the year, you are bound to have at least a few doctors’ appointments even if you are healthy for things like; general health checks and immunisations. On top of this, you may find yourself needing care for; mental health, physiotherapy or weight management. It’s in times like these; you’ll thank yourself for choosing a trusted family doctor who is on your side.


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