Mental Health

No matter the issue, WellCrest provides expert support and treatment of all patients’ mental health.
Our GPs are able to put together a care plan, giving access to:

  • Individual or group sessions and meetings with a psychologist (external to WellCrest)
  • Sessions and meetings with a welfare worker
  • Sessions and meetings with relevant allied health professionals

Under the mental health care plan, six sessions are government-funded, with any further being an out-of-pocket expense. However, many psychologists offer inexpensive visits for certain concerns or types of patients, like students or low-income. You are also able to return to WellCrest so your GP can re-evaluate your mental health care plan and decide whether another four complimentary sessions are needed.

Every patient with mental health concerns is able to request a care plan, with our GPs offering this service at all times. In most cases, this is as simple as the patient filling in a questionnaire but on some occasions, further deliberation, or referral to a psychiatrist, might be required. While all GP appointments at WellCrest are bulk-billed, consultations with specialists may incur fees.