Family Medicine

WellCrest prides itself on being able to care for the whole family, no matter their medical concerns. All of our GPs and nurses are highly-trained to treat issues such as:

  • Family planning
  • Health education
  • Immunisations
  • Minor diseases and injuries
  • Adult and children physical check-ups
  • Screening tests
  • Disease diagnosis
  • Mental wellbeing

Additionally, allied health services such as physiotherapy, dietetics, podiatry and chiropractic medicine are available at our clinic.

Each of our professionals takes a proactive approach to family medicine. For example, where a cardiologist might treat a patient after they’ve had a heart attack, a family physician may help avoid the heart attack in the first place, by setting up a plan to help increase exercise, eat better, lower cholesterol and decrease blood pressure. These doctors might also work with specialists to ensure all healthcare needs are met.