Tarneit Medical Centre

WellCrest Medical prides itself on employing only the greatest health professionals. With a broad range of interests and sub-specialties, there is always somebody on staff to provide comprehensive care for the whole family.

In order to best serve our patients, our Tarneit clinic has seven GPs available. They are each well-equipped to deal with all sorts of medical issues within general practice, with many years of experience and training.

A nurse service (including maternal and child health) is also available, as are allied health professionals.

Of WellCrest’s medical services, the vast majority are bulk-billed.Patients who do not hold a Medicare card will be charged a $75 consultation fee to see one of the doctors at our clinic, which can be claimed through a patient’s travel or health insurance, if they have one. This may also be the case for allied health services, which are not covered by Medicare.

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Services available at WellCrest Medical include:

Each of our services contribute to our mission of treating patients not for their immediate needs, but also to provide the patient with overall good health and wellbeing.

From children to adults, WellCrest does not discriminate in the provision of medical excellence for all, always offering utmost respect and dignity in an efficient and caring environment.