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WellCrest provides a comprehensive range of services, programs and general support for people with disabilities. We serve individuals with a broad range of disabilities so they can live normal lives .Our goal is to empower people with disabilities. Making them independent. As an organisation we embed
our values of integrity, respect, excellence and courage. We value diversity and encourage individualism.

If you are not already a participant of the NDIS please call 1800 800 110 or visit www.ndis.gov.au for assistance in testing eligibility and applying for access to the NDIS.

Telehealth services

We’ve launched Telehealth Services for physiotherapy and occupational therapy consultations.

Telehealth is an online video or telephone consultation with physiotherapists and occupational therapists who have received specific training in the delivery of telehealth services. It’s similar to a face-to-face consultation, just delivered remotely. It will still give you the support you need to manage your condition.


Physiotherapists will evaluate how you move and identify factors that limit the achievement of your goals. They assess and create Therapy Plans on:

  • Advice on exercise, therapy and equipment that support the achievement of your goals
  • Support to develop new motor skills and improve or maintain your existing skills and abilities
  • Advice on how to relearn postural and movement skills
  • Support on seating, movement and mobility
  • Mobility aids and equipment
  • Help on strengthening muscles
  • Pain management
  • Support for you to participate in sport, recreation and leisure activities.
  • Equitable access to health care and rehabilitation services


Occupational therapy provides support to participants whose health or disability prevents them from performing activities they would like to do in their daily life. An occupational therapist can identify strengths and difficulties participants may have in daily life and plan such as:

  • Improving their ability to look after themselves. i.e., Dressing, hygiene
    Fine motor skills (Hand and eye coordination. I.e., handwriting, fastening clothing etc)
  • Gross motor skills (Moving arms, legs and torso to walk, run, throw, lift)
  • Moving around more easily in physical environments (movement and coordination)
  • Emotional regulation
  • Transition to school
  • Cognitive skills (Remembering, paying attention, reasoning)
  • Improve social/play skills (sharing, playing)
  • Attention to completing tasks
  • Encourage their ability to try health food options
  • Sensory skills (touch, smell, taste, vision and hearing)

Occupational therapy – In home and telehealth

Our OTs provide assessment and treatment to help you with your day to day activities. Their services include prescribing adaptive equipment, home modifications and treatment aimed at helping you achieve your functional goals.

Physiotherapy - In home and telehealth

Our physiotherapists help with muscle strengthening, flexibility, fitness and mobility training to help you improve your physical function, reduce pain and achieve your physical goals.
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