Effective from Monday, 26 September 2022, WellCrest Medical Tarneit Centre  transitioned to mixed billing. 

We will continue to bulk bill: Under 10 years of age, Concession Card Holders (Health Care and Pension Cards) and DVA Gold Card Holders during regular business hours (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm).

Patients who do not meet our bulk billing criteria will be required to pay the full amount at the completion of your appointment. A refund of your Medicare component will be returned to your registered account.

Additional fees are charged for after hours and weekend appointments. We will also continue to bulk bill during regular hours only :

  • Repeat scripts (no other issues discussed)
  • Medical certificates (no other issues discussed)
  • Mental Health Care Plans, GPMP Care Plans & Health Assessments
  • All vaccination consultations (A $20 fee will incur for the Flu Vaccine itself for those patients who are not eligible for government vaccine program)
After Hours (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Repeated Scripts (no other issues discussed)
  • Medical Certs (no other issues discussed)
Will not be bulk billed


REGULAR HOURS (Monday to Friday 9am-5pm)

Standard Consultation – less than 20 minutes$59.75$39.75$20.00
Long Consultation – 20 to 30 minutes$96.95$76.95$20.00


Consultation – 30+ minutes

Standard Phone Consultation – less than 20 minutes *$59.75$39.75$20.00
Failed to Attend Fee – Standard Appointment$25.00$0.00$25.00
Failed to Attend Fee – Long Appointment*$50.00$0.00$50.00



(Full fees for all including concession card holders and children under 10 years old)


Standard Consultation – less than 20 minutes$71.80$51.80$20.00
Long Consultation – 20 to 30 minutes$108.80$88.80$20.00


Consultation – 30+ minutes

Standard Phone Consultation – less than 20 minutes *$71.80$51.80$20.00

Failed to Attend Fee – Standard


Failed to Attend Fee – Long Consultation$70.00$0.00$70.00


Driving Medicals – Taxi/Uber$125.00$0.00$125.00
Trucksafe Medical$160.00$0.00$160.00
Basic Pre-Employment Medicals$150.00$0.00$150.00
Iron Infusion$200.00$39.75$160.25
Implanon Insertion & Removal$160.00$101.85$58.15
Implanon Insertion$125.00$37.65$87.35
Implanon Removal$145.00$64.20$80.80
Skin Biopsies/ Excisions- Short$90.00$39.75$50.25
Skin Biopsies/Excisions – Large$130.00$76.95$53.05
Dressings pack – small (for everyone)$7.00$0.00$7.00
Dressings pack – large (for everyone)$15.00$0.00$15.00
Ear syringing – 1 ear$70.00$39.75$30.25
Ear syringing – both ears$100.00$39.75$60.25
Transfer of Medical Records – Standard$10.00$0.00$10.00
Transfer of Medical Records - Large$20.00$0.00$20.00

Payment can be made by cash, EFTPOS, or Credit Card (excluding Diners cards).  

All workers compensation and TAC patients are charged accordingly and must be paid at the time of the consultation. We will issue a receipt allowing you to claim reimbursement from your employer or the TAC until we receive notification in writing from your insurer with your claim details at which time, we will bill them directly. 

Please be patient with us as we work through this transition. Even acts you may be considered insignificant (sneering, talking down or raising your voice to workers, etc) can have a major impact on their mental health. To you, it might be a one-off incident, but this may occur several times a day. Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.


Why now, after so many years of bulk billing are you changing to mixed billing?

We have had to make the difficult decision to move a Mixed Billing model due to the insufficient funding of Medicare by the Federal Government for the several years, including a prolonged Medicare rebate freeze. In the last 10 years there has also been a significant increase in the basic costs that are required to run a Medical Centre and funding from the Government has not reflected this.

We continue to be committed to maintaining our quality of care and these changes will allow us to continue this into the future. You may already be aware that many of the clinics in the area have had to become a mixed or private billing clinics for these reasons. If we do not bring about this change, we risk the possibility of closure in the future.

Please feel free to contact our local members of parliament to lobby for appropriate primary care funding to ensure we can maintain quality care at an affordable price.

How will the fee be processed for Medicare Card Patients?

If you are not eligible for a bulk-billing consult (see above for the criteria), you will be charged the full consultation fee - either with cash, EFTPOS card or Credit card at the end of your appointment.

If you pay via card, we can then electronically process your Medicare rebate (if it applies) on your behalf. The rebate should appear in your bank account within seven days. We recommend that you ensure your bank details are up-to-date on myGov.au to avoid any delays in your rebate.

If you pay by cash or we cannot process it for some reason at the clinic (Telehealth consultations for example), you can claim it online, claim via post to Medicare, or go into your closest Medicare Service Centre. We will provide the receipt that you can use to claim the rebate back.

Click on this link for further information: hhps://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/medicare-claims? context=60092

How will the fee for processed for Private Health Insurance policy Holders (Overseas Students/ Visitors)?

You will charge the above fees after your consultation if it is face to face, or reception will call you prior to your appointment if it is a telehealth appointment. You can then claim the rebate back from your insurance.

How will I know the cost of my appointment before I come in?

Reception staff will always try to give you the most accurate advice possible about the costs of your appointment ahead of time. However, please keep in mind that the reception staff will only be able to offer you advice based on your information you provide and that our type of consultation may vary in your appointment.

Key indicators that will change the cost of your appointment include the length (time) of your appointment, how many issues you discuss with your doctor, and whether there is a procedure involved in your appointment.

How will Telehealth appointments work now?

If you are not eligible for bulk billing (see above) or not a repeat script and medical certificate only, you will be charged for a private consult. We shall call you immediately after your appointment for payment and we will send you the receipt via your email address.

If you have not had a face-to-face appointment in the last 12 months, there will be no Medicare rebate. As per Medicare guidelines. The only exception is if you have Covid-19 and the doctor can consult you in regard to this issue only (even if you have not attended our clinic before).

Your doctor will call you around the time of your appointment. Please have your phone on and within reach. The doctor may not call you at the precise time of your appointment, so we appreciate your patience.

 But I cannot afford the fee?

The doctors are happy to bulk bill patients with any of their current valid concession cards and children under 10 years old for consultations during the week. As well as for repeat scripts and medical certificates (no other issues to be discussed - you will need to book a consultation if you do).

Consultations over the weekend will have a gap fee (excluding repeat scripts and medical certificates).

Can I pay the gap fee instead of the full amount?

Unfortunately, you will have to pay the full amount. Current legislation prevents patients from paying the difference between their benefit (patient rebate) and the total fee for the service.

Why is there a Failed to Attend fee charged for if I fail to attend an appointment?

We understand situations may arise where you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment. If this occurs, we respectfully ask you to provide a minimum of two hours notice before your appointment. You can do this by trying to cancel your appointment via HotDoc (if you booked your appointment this way), by calling us, or if we are closed or you cannot get through to us, you can email us at admin@wellcrestmedical.com.au

If you cancel within two hours or do not attend your appointment, a Failed to Attend fee of $25-$75 will apply depending when the appointment was booked (refer to the fees above). If you have a cancellation fee, it will require payment before you can schedule another appointment. This fee is not Medicare rebate-able.

Our doctors want to be available for your needs and the needs of all our patients. When a patient does not attend a scheduled appointment, another patient loses the opportunity to be seen.

Can we claim the gap back from our private insurance if we have one?

As far as we are aware private insurance doesn’t cover the gap fee for general practice visits. But please check with your insurance by quoting gap fee for MBS items 23 or 5020 which are standard visit item numbers charged by general practitioners.

Can I talk to someone about this as I have other questions?

Yes, please email your details to admin@wellcrestmedical.com.au and one of the staff will call you to discuss further.

*Please note that our fees are subject to change.