Sushil Sharma

Occupational Therapist & Rehab Consultant

Sushil is an experienced Occupational Therapist with many years of practice and education, with a goal of full recovery, Sushil ensures that he uses modern rehabilitation practices combined with traditional fundamentals.

There is a full range of services offered including and not limited to optimum function restoration, WorkCover injuries as well as Comcare and TAC, neurological disorders, pain management, hand therapy: splints and braces, relaxation, provision of aids and equipment as well as assessment

Conditions that can we treated:

Muculoskeletal Injuries

Tendonitis – Muscle/Tendon strain – Ligament sprain – rotator cuff tendonitis – epi – condylitis – Mechanical Back Syndrome – Degenerative Disc Disease – Reptured/Herniated disc – Cervical Spondylitis

Neurological Disorders

Stroke – Arthritis – Parkinson’s Disease

Hand Injuries

Fractures – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Dequervain’s Syndrome – Tigger finger/thumb – Dupuytrens contractures

Psychological Disorders

Adjustment disorders – Stress – Depression

Pain ManagementT

Active and passive mobilisation – Strengthening exercises – advice and education regarding body dynamics.

Home Assessment

Assessing home enviroments for safety and independence in personal and domestic – Organisation of mobility aids

Work Site Assessment

Assessing the work place and identifying the issues – Liaising with the employer

Sushil is happy to see patients from all referral methods