A New Specialisation Of Exercise Physiology – Brief Overview

exercise physiology

Are you looking for f physiotherapists and chiropractors in your area? A new field of specialists has come to light. These excellent professionals provide a wide range of services, from taking care of old-aged individuals to assist in rehab. As a result, exercise Physiology is gaining well-deserved recognition. But, what is exercise physiology, and is there any benefit for you?

What Is Exercise Physiology?

If we go by the exercise physiology definition, exercise physiology is the study of a response body makes to any physical activity. These responses can be mechanical, physical, biological, chemical, or psychological. It covers a complete human body, like hearts, lungs, skin, bones, and muscles.

Exercise physiology combines the knowledge of physiology with an initiative of exercise. It is primarily used for rehab programs and treats chronic health problems like back pains, joint issues, or weaker bodies. In addition, you get the expertise of a medical professional for support and the benefits of exercises.

It takes a highly qualified professional with apt certifications to deliver Exercise physiology. An exercise physiologist isn’t necessarily a doctor but works as a personal trainer to help treat injuries or health conditions. They have full-fledged knowledge of physiology and exercises. Thus, they can curate a hand-tailored exercise routine for you according to your age and requirements.

There Are Two Types Of Exercise Physiology:

  • Sports Exercise Physiology
  • Clinical Physiology

Sports exercise physiology focuses on the athletic spectrum. A person with an exercise physiology major will work to create a customised training regime for each athlete. These can range from fitness training to improving the weaker body parts, even recovering from performance-based injuries. It also focuses on the mental benefits of exercise for holistic growth in an athlete.

Meanwhile, Clinical exercise physiology focuses primarily on medical applications. These professionals will work with rehab centres and programs. Often, people with chronic disease discover countless benefits while receiving exercise physiology treatments.

Physiology Of Sports And Exercise Physiology Differences

Often people confuse Sports Physiology and Exercise Physiology. While the two cover many similar aspects, Sports Physiology is more about enhancing performance and getting the best in specific sports. Meanwhile, Exercise Physiology incorporates the medical knowledge for a holistic improvement in a person. It is not specifically for sports and covers a broader spectrum, including a wide array of diseases and disorders.

You may say that the physiology of sports is a part of Exercise physiology.

Physiological Benefits Of Exercise

Exercise Physiology isn’t just for the treatment of people. It can be a great way to enhance your quality of life. You cover everything like health, nutrition, and physical well-being. Overall, it has become a safer yet effective way of leading a healthier lifestyle.

Here are some of the benefits of exercise physiology:

Enhance Your Life’s Balance

Exercise physiology is a great way to work on the weaker parts of your body by isolating them. A professional can help you learn more about the reason behind the instability or muscle imbalance. Either way, you can use their guidance to boost your overall wellbeing and make your weaker parts stronger.

Similarly, it also assists you in finding actual physical balance. Exercise physiology can help you learn to control your body better. As a result, you get enhanced physical attributes like flexibility, reflexes and mobility. Thus, you receive holistic growth.

Solution To Chronic Pain

Chronic conditions like back injuries, back pain, knees or joint problems can remarkably relax with exercise physiology. It is like receiving rehab and other kinds of therapy, but with the benefits of the exercise. So if you want to lead a healthier lifestyle, it is a great addition.

Similarly, it is also an excellent solution for permanent problems like amputated limbs, replaced iron rods for bones, and so on.

A Performance Enhancer And Caretaker

If you were a fitness enthusiast, sports athlete, or someone similar but has suffered an injury, this can help you. You will keep yourself up to date with the practices and enhance your performance without giving up the things you love.

For instance, exercise physiology benefits bodybuilders who have injured their back but want to lift heavier and get muscle growth.

A Medical Brilliance

Overall, exercise physiology is a great way to support people with adverse medical conditions. These include diabetes, obesity, depression, anxiety, and so on. Rehabs also showcase fantastic results in the field.

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